• Are you ready to step onto the tatami and embark on your Judo journey? Our Saturday morning Beginner Judo Class is tailor-made for aspiring Judokas who want to master the essential skills required for their Yellow Belt.

    We are opening Saturday morning classes as beginner focused classes. We are offering a new bignner rate for just beginners. The membership is only good for Saturday mornings and only for prepping for yellow belt.

    What You’ll Learn:

    1. Ukemi (Breakfalls): Master the art of falling safely to protect yourself during throws and groundwork.
    2. Basic Throws: Practice fundamental throws like Osoto-gari, O-goshi, and Seoi-nage.
    3. Pinning Techniques: Understand how to control your opponent on the ground.
    4. Yellow Belt Requirements: We’ll cover the specific techniques needed for your Yellow Belt grading.