• Classes

  • We offer classes in Judo and Jujitsu for people from 3 up.

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  • Adult martial arts

    Martial Arts should not only provide exercise, they  should develop character. Judo will help you develop your discipline, strength, stamina, toughness, self-defense, and confidence.

    Physical Benefits of Martial Arts
    • Increased cardiovascular fitness
    • Improved muscle tone
    • Increased energy
    • Greater flexibility

    Mental Benefits of Martial Arts

    • Lower stress levels
    • Higher self-esteem
    • Emotional satisfaction 
    • A great way to connect with your children when they are training in judo
    • Better concentration and focus

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  • Kids martial arts: Judo

    More important than building a better athlete, sports should build a better person. Kids Judo and Ju-jitsu classes in particular develops discipline, manners, punctuality. strength, stamina, toughness, and confidence. This are traits that are essential to success and respected by society. Society also respects a person who wins with humility and loses with grace. 

    One of the unique aspects of Judo and Ju-jitsu training is the respect for others that is taught and required in the Dojo. In time, this respect grows into a heightened level of self-confidence and discipline. While Judo and Ju-jitsu are Martial Arts, and therefore a combat sport, the fighting we do at our school is actually a form of preparation for life's many challenges. In life, as in Judo and Ju-jitsu, we do not always win. So sparring and competing within the rules, teaches us persistence, resolve, and perseverance. We also learn that it is not winning that is always important, but the time and effort dedicated to the training, and finding the courage to compete, that separates our practitioners from others. 

    Our students also learn the lesson of responsibility, or more specifically, taking responsibility for one's own success or failure. They learn that if they want to succeed in grading, promotions, or competition, they must turn up for class, pay attention to the Sensei, learn their techniques, and then apply them.

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